John Farnham spotted after cancer battle

John Farnham spotted after cancer battle 

The 74-year-old, recuperating from oral cancer surgery, embraced his wife Jill while joining his family for a meal, as depicted in a photo posted on Instagram.

He found himself encircled by his sons and kin, all adorned in festive bibs and Santa hats.

By August, Farnham shared the news that he’s successfully overcome cancer, a year after undergoing oral surgery.

In his initial personal declaration post the medical intervention, the music icon expressed contentment being at home, embraced by his affectionate family, and conveyed a sense of being ‘the most fortunate man I know’.

“It has been a year since my initial surgery, and truthfully, I’ve lost track of the numerous other procedures that have taken place since then,” he mentioned.

“I’m certain someone has documented them all – let’s just put it this way, there have been quite a few.”

“Nevertheless, I am now at home, feeling immensely thankful and content. I am seated in my living space, enjoying the affection from my wonderful spouse, Jill, my sons Rob and James, and my miniature Schnauzer, Edmund.”

“Farnham’s family had earlier provided reports on behalf of the Australian music icon.”

Discussing on Sunrise, John’s son Robert Farnham mentioned that his father was ‘doing incredibly well’ following a 12-hour operation for throat cancer.

John Farnham spotted after cancer battle

John Farnham spotted after cancer battle

‘Only yesterday, he strolled around with his walking stick and performed a small dance, which was quite fantastic,’ Robert mentioned.

‘He takes his dog for many walks, so he’s genuinely delighted. He’s in excellent spirits, extremely positive,’ he informed Sunrise.

The singer behind the hit “That’s Freedom” was admitted to the hospital earlier this year, having contracted a chest infection subsequent to a procedure to eliminate a cancerous growth in his mouth.

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