Brianna Ghey Biography 2024 | Murder, Cause Of Death , Bio , Height , Age , Family , FAQ 

Brianna Ghey Biography 2024| Cause Of Death , Bio , Height , Age , Family , FAQ 

Brianna Ghey Biography ➡️

Brianna Ghey Is a 16 year old girl from Birchwood, a suburb of Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire, England who was stabbed to death in a park. There are no informations regarding her exact date of birth, Education and early childhood. However she is a transgender, a strong believer of the LGBTQ. 

Brianna Ghey Bio Preview ➡️

Full Name – Brianna Ghey

Nick Name – Brianna

Profession – social media influencer and Britain TikToker

Date of Birth – Born in 2006

How Years Old – 16 Years 

Birth Place – Birchwood in Warrington, Cheshire.

Nationality – British 

Ethnicity – White / European 

Home Town – Birchwood, Warrington

Brianna Ghey School and Collage ➡️

Ghey studied at the Birchwood Community High School. The headteacher of the school spoke on the murder, “We are shocked and truly devastated to hear of the death of Brianna”. 

Brianna Ghey Parents ➡️

The identity of Brianna Ghey’s parents are yet to be revealed.

However, her parents and family are currently being supported by specialist officers. 

Brianna Ghey Siblings ➡️

Though details have not been given about their identities, Brianna Ghey it is widely believed that Brianna Ghey did have siblings. 

Brianna Ghey Relationship ➡️

Much is not known about the love life about the deceased so we are unable to determine if she had a boyfriend. 

Brianna Ghey Cause of death ➡️

Around 3pm on Saturday, the 11th day of February, emergency services were called to Culcheth Linear Park after it was discovered a young girl was stabbed multiple times and injured badly to death, It was later confirmed that Brianna Ghey was the victim. 

Police Investigation Reports Brianna Ghey ➡️

Right after discovering the death of the young girl, an investigation has been launched, Local MP Charlotte Nichols confirmed in a Facebook post that he has spoken to the Commander about the incident as well for investigations to be done.”I have spoken to the Warrington Police Borough Commander about the tragic death below.” If you have any information or have been around and have dashcam footage, even if you think it’s nothing, please come forward and let the police make that decision.” He wrote 

Brianna Ghey Biography

Brianna Ghey Biography

Frequently Asked Questions about Brianna Ghey ➡️

Q. What happened Brianna Ghey?

Ans. The family of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey, who was stabbed to death in a Warrington park at the weekend, have said her loss “has left a massive hole in our family”. 

Q. How Years Old Brianna Ghey?

Ans. Brianna Ghey died at age 16. 

Q. Where was Brianna Ghey killed?

Ans. On 11 February 2023, Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old British transgender girl from Birchwood, Warrington, was killed in Culcheth Linear Park in Warrington, England. 

Q. Who is Brianna Ghey?

Ans. Brianna Ghey Is a 16 year old girl from Birchwood, a suburb of Wisconsin in the United States of America who was stabbed to death in a park. 

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Brianna Ghey Biography