Radio Host Getting Dragged For Her Lamar Jackson Take

Radio host Monse Bolanos of FOX Sports is getting crushed on social media Friday for her take on Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

For starters, Bolanos said Jackson isn't the MVP of the league.

While that opinion isn't offensive by any means, what she said about the talented quarterback is a bit odd.

Bolanos said Jackson is just a great athlete.

She claims quarterbacks should be "quarterbacky," and apparently he isn't that.

"I want my quarterbacks to be quarterbacky.

To me, Lamar Jackson's just a great athlete, and he had a great game against the 49ers," Bolanos said.

"Prisoners of the moment, he is not the MVP. Christian McCaffrey is the MVP. I've been saying this for weeks.

It's not like I just decided after this game.

That's what happened with Lamar. After this game, he jumped up, but he wasn't even in the conversation. He was an afterthought."

Obviously, NFL fans don't agree with her take.

"She sounds like straight garbage and getting paid to talk football," one fan tweeted.

"Quarterbacky what is that supposed to mean," another fan asked.

Bolanos has some explaining to do here.

She doesn't have to think Jackson is the MVP of the league, but he shouldn't be classified as just a great athlete.