Jets Defensive Lineman Said 'F*** You' To Several Browns Fans Last Night

While most members of the New York Jets took last night's embarrassing loss to the Cleveland Browns in some stride,

Jets defender Micheal Clemons had a very different reaction.

At one point in the game, a TikTok user (nicole_guizzotti) recorded Clemons going at it with some Browns fans who had been having fun at his team's expense.

The video shows Clemons dropping a few expletives.

The noise in the stadium was loud enough that you can't actually hear him saying the swear words,

though it's possible he was simply mouthing it.

Jets fans found it embarrassing while just about everyone else found the whole exchange hilarious:

"This is what the holidays are all about," one user joked.

"Just know if I send you this video you know what it is lol," another replied.

"This me wit society," a third wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Clemons and the Jets' vaunted defense was humiliated last night in the Browns' 37-20 win over them.